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Why use 4 The Local Schools for your Fundraiser?

  • It's Safe, Easy, and Secure
  • No out-of-pocket expenses for products or cards (IT'S RISK-FREE)
  • Download the App on your smartphone
  • Support Locally owned Businesses in your community!

With our tier program, the more Digital IDs that your students sell, the greater your earned percentage for their fundraiser!

How does a 4 The Local Schools fundraiser work?

  • Sign up your school & program that you'll be fundraising for, and add your list of students that will be participating.
  • We get local businesses to participate by offering discounts to people that buy the Digital ID in their area to support shopping locally.
  • The students sell the Digital ID. People download the App and sign up to support the student and their fundraiser.


  • First, they download the App, then
  • Sign up by selecting their State, County, School, Fundraiser, and Student.
  • We charge the donor's credit card $39  - no cash for you to manage.
  • Donors purchase a Digital ID that will appear in our smartphone App. Donors show their Digital ID to participating businesses to receive discounts.


  • 50-70% of sales go to your fundraiser by Tiering Up Sales for your profits.
  • The more IDs your students sell, the higher the percentage of sales goes to the fundraiser.
  • There is NO:
    1. Card that you have to buy or hoping that they all get sold
    2. Pre-ordering candy, pizza kits, cookies, or fruit, and then tracking people down for their orders
  • There IS:
    1. An Unlimited supply of product to sell with no out-of-pocket expense
    2. An unlimited number of local businesses can participate - you're not limited by how many (12) that can fit on the back of a card (that gets lost)
  • Your School/Fundraiser benefits from helping sign up qualifying locally-owned businesses.
  • Make it Easier & Safer for your:
    Fundraiser, Students, Parents, Customers, and Local Businesses


of Digital ID sales are donated to the local Participating School's Fundraiser

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If you have questions before you sign up, please CONTACT US FIRST.

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